The Power of Custom Molding

Have you ever wondered why you still have foot pain, even after years of trying to find shoes that will help? Why your shoes are still uncomfortable, even though they promise the opposite? Why you’re still fatigued after a long day of work, even though your shoes claim to have arch support in them?

Everybody is different; but stock insoles are the same

We know that everybody is different. But when it comes to our shoes, every stock insole is a flat, unsupportive cushion — something that feels soft when we first try shoes on, but leads to discomfort and pain quickly after wearing them. That’s because one thin piece of foam does not support all — in fact, it does not support most.

If you’ve heard terms like flat feet, high arches, pronation, supination, heel striker, or forefoot striker, you know that human gait is more complicated than shoe manufacturers make it out to be. But what can you realistically do about it? You can try drugstore insoles, which seem like squishier versions of the foam that comes in your shoes, or custom orthotics, which cost upwards of $1000 and aren’t the most comfortable option…  neither does the trick.

Enter Fulton: the great compromise

Fulton brings the benefits of doctor prescribed custom orthotics with the cost savings and ease of purchasing insoles over-the-counter. How? Custom molding technology. 

Powered by cork, Fulton insoles have the ability to accommodate all the nuances of the way you walk by custom molding to comfortably support you and align your body from the ground up. Not only do the insoles mold to your unique arches (high, medium, or low!) and gait pattern, but they mold to how you need support in the specific pair of shoes that you’re wearing. The way it works is simple: just replace your stock insoles with your Fulton insoles, and start walking. After about 10 hours or 30 miles of wear, Fulton will mold to support your unique gait and arch type.  

To bring custom molding technology to your shoes, we spent years researching the best way to build footbeds that are good for your body. All of this research and development led to our one-of-a-kind process for producing insoles that strike the perfect balance between molding to accommodate you and maintaining composure to support you. Fulton insoles are individually handcrafted with cork grown in the Portuguese cork forests. Moreover, we only use the finest first quality cork, meaning your insoles won’t crumble in your shoes like some wine corks do. 

Unlike drugstore insoles, which won’t last long or provide sufficient arch support, and custom orthotics, which are rigid and prescriptive, Fulton supports your individual body as it needs to be supported. Simply put, thanks to custom molding technology powered by cork, Fulton insoles are a gamechanger for your overall wellness.