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We envision a world where the shoes we wear are actually good for our bodies. By making the connection between arch support and everyday wellness, we're creating a sturdier foundation for a healthier future.

getting to atlas

Getting to Fulton

When we met, we wondered why, as healthy adults with normal daily routines, we were both experiencing constant foot and back pain. After talking to friends and experts we knew that we were far from alone, and we started thinking about how we could make things better.

Read about our learnings that inspired Fulton
getting to atlas
user story
Custom orthotics sounded great for treating the back pain Libie experienced after sitting for hours a day at an office job—until she found out they cost hundreds of dollars.
user story
Daniel knew the importance of arch support, but not what to do with that info. So he continued to wear the latest shoe brands, even while his regular foot and back pain persisted.

Fulton's values

  • Proactive wellness
    We make it easy for everyone to integrate arch support and embrace their alignment.
  • Crafted quality
    Every Fulton insole is made by hand, checked for quality, and tested for durability.
  • Sustainable practices
    We’re committed to using processes and materials that are good for the earth.