The Story

Libie Motchan and Daniel Nelson

The Beginning

For several years, Libie experienced back pain and Daniel experienced foot pain. They thought their pain was a normal part of living and walking the streets of New York City.

A Common Reality

A Common Reality

They realized they were not alone, and that these pains were incredibly common across healthy adults of all ages. But they wondered: why was pain considered normal?
Foot sculpture

Full Body Connection

They learned that many of their pains came from their shoes. Most of today’s footwear lacks proper arch support, misaligning the body from the ground up.
wall of OTC insoles

The Search for Support

However, when searching for supportive insoles, the options that they found were confusing, ineffective, and unsustainable.
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Whole body wellness

So, they decided to build Fulton - a modern brand of arch support designed to improve whole body wellness from the ground up, everyday.