pile of sneakers in landfill

Every year, more than 24 billion pairs of shoes are produced – almost all of them end up in landfills. Modern footwear is made from unsustainable materials that not only ruin our bodies, but also our planet.




Fulton is changing the footwear industry from the inside out. Through better materials and modern manufacturing techniques, we are actively reversing the damage that Big Footwear has caused one step at a time.

Regenerative, plant-based materials

Fair labor practices

Electricity-powered factories

Setting a higher bar

Carbon Negative

Fulton insoles are carbon negative. That means everything from creating our insoles to getting them in your shoes actively removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Organic Cotton

vegan cactus leather

Vegan leather made from cactus

arch support insert

Pressed cork harvested from tree bark

natural latex foam

Natural foam derived from tree sap

Cork Fields

Cork bark is harvested in a way that allows the tree it came from to live for centuries, removing tons of greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere in the process.