What Makes Fulton different?

pile of unsustainable insoles

What makes Fulton different? We're glad you asked.

The problem with shoes

Big Footwear (the mass-produced footwear brands we all wear) makes shoes with completely flat, soft, and cushy stock insoles. This sounds great in theory: in reality, these shoe insoles wreak havoc on your feet, knees, hips, and back the longer you wear them. But why?

After consulting with dozens of podiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, biomechanical engineers, and academic medical professionals, we were able to distill the root of this frustrating experience into one simple idea: today’s shoes lack proper arch support.

The old way to "fix" it

To add proper arch support to your shoes, you can replace the stock inserts with higher quality ones. If you visit a doctor, you can order custom orthotics that add support to your shoes based on the shape of your arch. However, if you ever tried custom orthotics, you’ll know this seemingly perfect solution comes with its downsides: 

First, the price. These insoles cost nearly $500-800, a price that is likely more expensive than the shoes you’re going to wear them in! 

Second, the materials. Custom orthotics are often made from hard plastics that aren’t nearly as comfortable as the foam insole that came with your shoe. 

Third, the inconvenience. You need to move them from shoe to shoe, and if you forget, your body feels the pain.

At the end of the day, custom orthotics are too expensive and too impractical to solve the problems caused by Big Footwear. You’re probably thinking “But wait - there are other types of insoles that don’t cost $500+, right? I’ve seen them at the local drugstore, and know they only cost $10-20 bucks.” You’re absolutely right: there’s an entirely separate type of insoles that are way more affordable. However, they come with their own set of disadvantages:

They are ineffective: They don’t have real arch support - like the stock inserts, they tend to be flat and soft, so don’t promote proper alignment for your body

They were not built to last: you have to throw them away after no more than a few weeks of wear

They are made from unsustainable materials: gels, foams, plastics and other materials that are harmful to the environment

And then came Fulton: a better way to walk

Fulton combines the personal touch of custom orthotics with the practical accessibility of drugstore insoles. How did we do it? We went back to basics, and combined a variety of all-natural materials into an insole that takes the shape of your feet based on how you walk. The custom molding nature of cork provides a unique experience that is different for everyone, helping protect your individual body from misalignment. By providing high quality arch support that is great for your whole body along with supreme comfort, Fulton is different from any other supportive footwear product on the market.