The Best Insoles for Standing All Day

best insoles for standing all day

Every job has pros and cons—the things you love about it and the things you could do without. For many people with jobs that require standing for a good part of the day, foot, joint, and back pain are at the top of the cons list. These jobs may be rewarding (or not), but when your feet hurt from standing all day, it can be hard to sleep or do activities outside of work that you want to do. Insoles are a simple and affordable solution to reduce this type of foot pain by adding cushion and comfort to your shoes. 

Why insoles for standing all day?

Standing all day puts stress on your body. A 2014 literature review found a long history of evidence that standing, especially on hard surfaces like concrete, contributes to low back pain, blood circulation problems, fatigue, discomfort, injuries in the foot and ankle, and pregnancy complications. This same review included insoles among the successful treatment options for pain related to prolonged standing. 

Insoles, sometimes called shoe inserts, provide additional foot support and cushioning whether you’re standing, walking, or running. An early 2002 study that compared wearing insoles and using a floor mat for sore feet from standing on concrete all day found that both insoles and floor mats can reduce fatigue and general discomfort after a day on your feet. 

Insoles have the benefit of moving with you, whereas a floor mat can only be used in one place. The extra support, pressure relief, and cushioning of an insole travel with you on a water break, lunch, and when moving between workspaces. 

What to look for in the best shoe inserts for standing all day

Everyone’s feet are different, and your left and right feet may even be different from one another. One foot may have a higher arch than the other, or one may have a callus or bunion. 

No matter your foot issues or whether you opt for over-the-counter insoles or orthotics, you want an insole that fills under the foot’s arch foot to support the muscles and tendons that run along the bottom of the foot. The insoles should also comfortably hug the heel and have cushioning that absorbs impact without chafing or irritating the skin. 

A few things to look for when picking out insoles for standing all day:

  • Arch support: Ideally arch support insoles that are customized to your foot shape to ensure your body is aligned and stable.
  • Shock absorption: look for materials that absorb shock to reduce impact and fatigue to your body and joints. Cork is a great option.
  • Cushion and comfort: look for insoles that use foam to help reduce pressure off certain parts of your foot and improve all day comfort
  • Deep heel cup: a deep heel cup helps to stabilize your foot and ankle, improve comfort and reduce the chance of injury.

The best shoe inserts for standing all day perfectly fit the contours of your feet. You can see a doctor to get prescription orthotics. However, these insoles may be expensive and may or may not be covered by your health insurance. Over-the-counter (OTC) insoles are a more affordable option, but not all of them offer the customization you might need. 

That’s where models like Fulton Insoles come into play and are a top pick for standing all day. Fulton insoles are an OTC option made of shock absorbing cork with molding technology. Under the heat and pressure of daily wear, the cork gradually adapts to the unique shape of each foot, creating a custom fit for flat feet to high arches to anything in between. Fulton arch support insoles also have a deep heel cup which will stabilize your body.

You may have high arches or flat feet feet, but Fulton insoles will fit each foot perfectly. The custom fit of Fulton Insoles can reduce fatigue and pain while improving the stability of your gait. Keep in mind that you’ll get the best results by wearing the insoles in the same pair of shoes every day. That allows the insoles to mold to your feet and how your feet specifically fit in a particular pair of shoes.  

Fulton makes cork insoles for everyday and athletic wear. The daily wear models have a vegan cactus leather top, while the athletic models have a breathable cotton top and are great for running shoes. Both have cork to absorb shock and create the custom fit you need to prevent sore feet after standing all day.  

Final thoughts

Foot pain and discomfort can radiate up your body affecting your knees, hips, and back. An insert that’s customized to fit your feet can reduce that pain so you can give your best at work and have the energy to fully participate in activities at home.