The Classic Insole

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  • Foot pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Pronation & supination
  • Achy joints

90-day comfort guarantee

The Classic Insole

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Designed by doctors

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Custom molding technology

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No trimming required

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Handcrafted quality

Do I need Insoles?

In a word, yes. Most of the shoes we wear don't have proper arch support, resulting in misalignment which causes pain throughout the body. Proper arch support aligns your feet, knees, hips, and back to relieve pain. Everyone can benefit from proper support – both when pain is present, and to prevent future pain.

Shoe compatibility and sizing

The Classic Insoles work best in shoes with removable shoe insoles (sneakers, boots, etc.). Choose your insole size based on your shoe size – if you’re between sizes, size up! They work for all arch types and any foot shape.

Use and care instructions

Remove the insoles that came with your shoes and replace them with your Fulton insoles. Keep your Fulton insoles in a single pair of shoes to ensure they effectively mold to those shoes – they should last as long as the shoes do. Avoid excessive exposure to water. If you initially feel slight discomfort, that should go away as they mold to your arch.

90-day comfort guarantee

Your first steps with Fulton are 100% risk free. You have 90 days to wear your Fulton insoles and experience the benefits of custom molding cork. In that time, if you decide Fulton insoles aren’t right for you, you can return or exchange your worn insoles.

Custom molding technology

Fulton insoles support flat feet, high arches, and everything in between thanks to the custom molding nature of cork. To properly support your unique body, heels and arches, place your Fulton insoles in one pair of shoes and walk for about 10 hours (or 30 miles) – your cork insoles will feel completely natural and give you proper support!

Shock absorbing cork

Reduces impact to your body from long periods walking on hard surfaces

Arch support

Aligns your entire kinetic chain from the ground up

Natural Foam

A supremely comfortable material your feet will love

Deep Heel Cup

Stabilizes your heel to reduce the risk of injury as you walk

Vegan Cactus Leather

A premium, plant-based material that feels smooth under your feet


Innovative materials and sustainable manufacturing processes make Fulton insoles carbon negative.

Handcrafted in small batches in Porto, Portugal

Handcrafted in small batches in Porto, Portugal

Actively removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere

Actively removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere

Made from entirely natural, plant-based materials

Made from entirely natural, plant-based materials