Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

close up woman with socks standing on anti fatigue kitchen mats
An anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat that reduces stress on your joints, prevents fatigue, and provides comfort wherever you stand.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Vegan cactus leather:

Stylish and easy to clean

Beveled edges:

Prevents trips and falls

Natural foam:

Provides additional comfort and protects joints

Supreme Comfort:

Feels like you’re standing on clouds

Ground cork and foam:

Prevents fatigue and absorbs shock

Suction Grip:

Ensures the mat stays in place at all times

Protects joints

Easy to clean

All day comfort

100% natural materials

Specs and sizing

30 by 22 inches, 0.75 inches thick. Beveled edges to prevent trips and stay curl-free.


The Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats ergonomic foundation is made from pressed granulated cork and recycled scraps of natural foam. It is lined with a layer of natural foam for additional comfort and vegan cactus leather that is easy to wipe clean and looks beautiful in your space.

Where to use

Fulton's kitchen floor mat is made from anti-slip and durable materials making it great on most types of flooring surface, including hardwood, marble, or concrete. Not recommended in bathrooms or floors with excessive moisture.

How to use

The Anti Fatigue Kitchen mat can be used with or without shoes, but sharp objects like high heels or pet claws can cause damage.

Care instructions

To clean the kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat, use an all purpose cleaner or mild dish soap with water, but do not submerge the mat in water. Wipe any spills as soon as they happen with a dry cloth to avoid discoloration.

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