Improve your performance with stability and support


Shock absorbing cork

Reduces impact to your body, protecting your joints

Arch support

Aligns your entire kinetic chain from the ground up

Cushioning foam

A supremely comfortable material that provides padding where you need it most

Deep Heel Cup

Stabilizes your heel to reduce the risk of injury

Organic cotton

A breathable material that resists odor and keeps your feet feeling fresh

The Athletic Insole

$48 $60


  • Foot pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Common running injuries
  • Pronation & supination
  • Plantar Fasciitis

90-day comfort guarantee

Stock Insoles

All day comfort

Aches and pain

Custom molding arch support

The cork base molds to the way you walk or run to provide custom support

Completely flat

Offers no support, causing pain and discomfort

Designed by doctors

Just an afterthought

Sustainable, natural materials

Plastics, gels, and foams

Customer Reviews

Helped Me Run a Half-Marathon!

I took a risk inserting Fulton insoles into my running shoes in the middle of my half-marathon training. After my first run with the insoles, the rest of my runs were comfortable and smooth. As someone who used to overpronate, I can definitely appreciate the added stability of Fulton insoles. Never going back to running without them!


I LOVE these!!!!

I have a lot of challenges with my feet and I was always prone to running injuries. These insoles allow me to run, ride, cross-country skiing, and just simply walk without any pain. They've changed the game!!


BETTER than custom orthotics

Yes, you need to break them in so that they can form to your foot/gait/body type, but with a small investment in time, you will get an absolutely awesome pair of replacement insoles. I won’t say these are the last insoles that I will ever buy, but I will say they are the last BRAND!

Cathy M

From stock insoles to Fulton support

Shin splints, runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis

Injury free day after day

Foot pain getting in the way of your workout

Supreme comfort and support

Pronation or supination

Full body alignment from head to toe

Harsh impact on the knees and joints

Shock absorbing cork provides energy and protection