What is Morton’s Neuroma?

What is Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition that primarily affects the ball of the foot and/or the area between the third and fourth toes. It may feel as though you are standing with a pebble in your shoe, or even a fold in your sock.

It is caused by a thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves leading into the toe. Morton’s neuroma symptoms can cause a sharp, painful sensation in the ball of the foot which can be accompanied by tingling, numbness, or burning. Usually, there is no external indication of the injury – it is often symptom-based.

Morton’s neuroma symptoms

Morton’s neuroma symptoms can accompany one another, or can be experienced independently. These are some of the common symptoms associated with Morton’s neuroma:

  • Pain in the 4th toe
  • Tingling, numbness or a burning sensation in the 3rd/4th toe area
  • A burning pain in the ball of your foot that may radiate into your toes
  • A feeling as if you're standing on a pebble in your shoe

Morton’s neuroma causes

While there is no clear-cut path to developing Morton’s neuroma, it has been linked to certain footwear or activities. Some risk factors include:

  • Wearing high heels or tight shoes frequently: These impede on the foot’s natural position and inflame the tendons and ligaments.
  • Wearing shoes without arch support: which can put extra pressure on the nerve near your toes and the ball of your foot
  • High impact activity: Athletic activities such as running or jogging that put high impact on your body and feet may subject your feet to repetitive trauma. 
  • Foot deformities: Bunions, hammer toes, high arches or flat feet increases risk of developing Morton's neuroma, particularly if paired with unsupportive footwear.

Morton’s neuroma treatment

Similarly to many overuse injuries, the healing process can usually be solved with relatively simple at home treatments. These include:

  • Rest: Resting when Morton's neuroma is inflamed is important, as it allows the inflammation to come down and streamline the recovery process.
  • Ice: icing the front of the foot helps alleviate pain and calm inflammation
  • Proper footwear: Once the inflammation comes down to a tolerable level, implementing proper footwear with good cushioning and arch support is a great next step in healing the neuroma.
  • Exercises: A combination of toe stretches, arch stretches and calf exercises can help treat and prevent pain. Learn the best Morton's Neuroma Exercises
  • Insoles: To complement the shoes, shoe inserts can be used to minimize the foot’s range of motion and allow it to heal faster, and get rid of that persistent pain in the 4th toe. Fulton insoles offer customized arch support to help stabilize the foot and alleviate pain and pressure on the ball of the foot and toes.

Best shoes for Morton’s neuroma

Proper footwear for Morton’s neuroma helps alleviate pain; the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma will include features like:

  • A wider toe box: which alleviates pressure from the toes
  • A low heel: which prevents adding pressure to the ball of the foot or near the third and fourth toes

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How Fulton insoles can help Morton’s neuroma

Fulton insoles are a great option for preventing Morton's Neuroma and treating the pain. Some important features of Fulton insoles include:

  • A deep heel cup: Fulton insoles deep heel cup stabilizes the ankle and prevents  excessive motion
  • Arch support: Fulton insoles cork base molds to the users foot as they walk to provide customized support - this allows the foot to sit in its natural position and put pressure on the proper areas of the foot without inflaming other areas
  • Shock absorbing materials to help alleviate impact to the foot. Fulton insoles are made from cork, which is incredibly shock absorbing and protects not just the feet but also the entire body.
  • Cushioning foam: Fulton insoles are lined with a layer of natural latex foam which helps alleviate pain, provide comfort and reduce pressure

Fulton insoles offer customized arch support, are made from shock absorbing cork and offer a deep heel cup - all providing support, stability, pain relief, and comfort.

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