5 reasons why Fulton insoles will change your life


No more foot, knee, or back pain

Fulton insoles have a cork footbed which molds to your arch as you walk to provide customized support and full body comfort from morning to night. Say good bye to foot, knee, and back pain, and hello to comfort and alignment from head to toe.

Wanda S.

I have shoeboxes full of the various insoles and custom orthotics I've tried over the years. The Classic Insole took a couple days to get formed to my foot but my foot pain is finally gone and my shoes are super comfy!

You'll walk farther and longer without any pain 

You'll be able to take long walks or stand for long periods of time with no pain at all. Foot pain won't hold you back from living your best life ever again. Fulton insoles' comfortable foam will ensure your feet feel heavenly. 

Cathy M.

"I feel like myself again!! My feet have not felt this good in a while, and I am on them from morning to night. Don't hesitate, your feet will thank you."

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Your posture will improve

Customized arch support aligns your body and improves your posture leaving you standing taller. They also absorb shock to protect your joints from impact.

Bob H.

"I've been complemented on my posture since I started wearing them. Who knew insoles could make sure a difference!"

You'll save money!

Instead of spending hundreds on doctors appointments, prevent the pain before it starts. Plus Fulton insoles cost 1/10th the price of custom orthotics and are just as effective!

Perri E.

"I got rid of my custom orthotics after trying these! They're just as good, without the hefty price tag and doctor visits."

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No more injuries 

In addition to their supportive base, Fulton insoles have a deep heel cup which stabilizes your body to prevent injuries and conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia and shin splints. 

Devin H.

"After years of dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, I can finally say it's a thing of the past. I WILL be ordering more! I am amazed at how I feel balanced… I even walk better!"

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Hundred's of 5 star reviews


Great - all purpose insoles, less foot pain

I had serious foot pain and bought Fulton insoles on a whim, thinking they might help. I brought them to my orthopedic doctor, and he told me that they were 1) the best he has seen on the market and 2) if I wore them in my running shoes every day, my foot pain would go away, as it was due to unsupported arches. My foot pain is gone, I'm back to running, and my feet feel amazing.



Better than custom orthotics

Yes, you need to break them in so that they can form to your foot/gait/body type, but with a small investment in time, you will get an absolutely awesome pair of replacement insoles. I won’t say these are the last insoles that I will ever buy, but I will say they are the last BRAND!



Finally something that works!

I’m so excited I found these insoles. They are getting better each day. I’m trying to get more since I think all my shoes need them. Great product. Highly recommend!



Relief to my feet!

The insole fit my show like a glove. I have a normal arch, so I was concerned that the Fulton would have too much of an a artificial arch. To my relief, it contoured perfectly. Also, there’s just the right amount of heel cushion to counter my planter fasciitis.


Shop Fulton insoles and find comfort from morning to night

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