Suffer from Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is an all too common and painful condition that can interfere with your life. The good news is, Fulton insoles provide customized arch support to eliminate pain for good!

5 Ways Fulton Insoles Help Eliminate Plantar Fasciitis


Custom molding support for the Plantar Fascia

Fulton insoles' cork base molds to your arch to provide customized support; this helps to perfectly support the Plantar Fascia and prevents stress and stretching of the tissue as you stand or walk. 

Wanda S.

These insoles are fantastic! I was having problems with my plantar fasciitis and everything I tried did not help, at least not all day. After I had worn them to get them broke in to my feet, I could walk without pain and take walks, run errands and do all the things I used to do. Plus, their customer services is great .

Cushioning foam

Fulton insoles have a layer of natural latex foam, which provides cushioning to the foot, in particular to the heel which can help alleviate pain and discomfort. Your feet will feel like they are walking on clouds all day.

Cathy M.

These insoles are the best I have ever used. They cushion the most essential areas of my feet and relieve pressure and soreness. I have so many things wrong with my feet including fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, pronation and on and on. I actually feel normal and on top of the world with these insoles.



Stability and support

Fulton insoles’ deep heel cup helps to stabilize the heel and prevent any strain from being put on the heel and Plantar Fascia. This helps ease pain and prevent injury.

Bob H.

I have been struggling with plantar pain for months and these insoles have helped my heel pain! They also help with tired and sore feet when I run. I am getting another pair ASAP

More affordable than custom orthotics

They cost 1/10th the price of custom orthotics; their custom molding base brings the benefits of custom orthotics at a fraction of the cost. If you outfit all of your shoes with Fulton, you’ll still be saving money.

Perri E.

Fulton insoles are as good as medical-grade orthotics, without the hefty price tag and doctor visits. As someone who has tried multiple types of insoles including doctor-prescribed inserts, I can say without a doubt that these are my new favorite pair.



90 Day comfort guarantee

Your first steps with Fulton are 100% risk-free. You have 90 days to wear your Fulton insoles and experience the benefits of custom molding cork. During that time, if you decide Fulton insoles aren’t right for you, you can return or exchange your worn insoles

Miriam H.

I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis.  I saw the Fulton insole was cork, I love my cork sandals.  From the very first time I walked in my shoes with Fulton insoles, it really helped reduce my pain. I am almost healed now, I know Fulton was part of that healing. I am 74 and love to be active - I have back, hip and foot issues - I can tell these insoles will help me keep enjoying activities and taking my daily walks.  Thank you Fulton! 

Shop Fulton insoles and find comfort from morning to night

Hundred's of 5 star reviews


Great - all purpose insoles, less foot pain

I had serious foot pain and bought Fulton insoles on a whim, thinking they might help. I brought them to my orthopedic doctor, and he told me that they were 1) the best he has seen on the market and 2) if I wore them in my running shoes every day, my foot pain would go away, as it was due to unsupported arches. My foot pain is gone, I'm back to running, and my feet feel amazing.



Better than custom orthotics

Yes, you need to break them in so that they can form to your foot/gait/body type, but with a small investment in time, you will get an absolutely awesome pair of replacement insoles. I won’t say these are the last insoles that I will ever buy, but I will say they are the last BRAND!



Finally something that works!

I’m so excited I found these insoles. They are getting better each day. I’m trying to get more since I think all my shoes need them. Great product. Highly recommend!



Relief to my feet!

The insole fit my show like a glove. I have a normal arch, so I was concerned that the Fulton would have too much of an a artificial arch. To my relief, it contoured perfectly. Also, there’s just the right amount of heel cushion to counter my planter fasciitis.


Shop Fulton insoles and find comfort from morning to night